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This Website that you are visiting, is the only and official website of KUIK. It provides information on the use of KUIK. KUIK is an electronic funds transfer service, consisting in an electronic payments platform, owned and operated by MPAY sh.p.k. (the “Company” or “We” or “Us”), an Albanian company, registered with the National Business Centre with VAT number L01711027V, operating in the field of electronic payments and money transfer services pursuant to license no.22, dated 31.05.2011 issued by the Bank of Albania, providing its services to banks.


KUIK is provided to users in accordance with the respective terms of use (“General Terms and Conditions of KUIK”) and the respective agreement between Us and bank/s. Collection and processing of personal data of KUIK users is foreseen in and regulated by the General Terms and Conditions of KUIK and the respective agreement for the provision of KUIK between MPAY and bank/s.


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The only data that may be exchanged are the emails and/or names of the individuals that choose to contact us willingly. All emails are optional and sent to the addresses specified in the Website. This means that the Website only records the email and any other requirements of the sender on an as-needed basis with the purpose of replying to the request of the sender, as provided willingly by the sender.


Through this Website, we do not collect or keep cookies. No cookies of any kind are used to follow to Website’s visitors.


MPAY  has  registered  the  domain  name  at  the  Authority  of  Electronic  and  Postal Communications (AKEP) in accordance with the relevant legal framework in force.


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This Website is considered as whole and indivisible. The information contained herein is strictly for personal use. Copying or transmitting it is not allowed. All the information contained in the sections of the Website is property of the Company or its partners. Copying, displaying or distributing all or part thereof, except for personal purposes, is strictly prohibited. Any failure to comply with this rule constitutes a breach and could result in civil and/or criminal punishment. It is strictly forbidden to use or copy the “KUIK” name and/or its logo, individually or jointly, for any purpose, and in particular for advertising purposes without the prior written consent of the Company.


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How to contact us: This Website belongs to and is operated by the Company having its registered address at Njësia Administrative nr.5, Bulevardi ”Dëshmoret e Kombit”, Kullat Binjake, Kulla 1, Tirana. For any complaints, questions or general correspondence please contact [email protected]


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Applicable law: This Policy shall be governed by and shall be construed and enforced under the Albanian law. If any of the provisions herein results unenforceable, void or against the legislation in force, then the said provision will be considered separate from these terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.


We reserve the right to exercise ownership rights on the information published in This Website provides data and information on the use of KUIK. For this reason, we authorize the visitors of the Website to use this information according to their needs, only by taking into account and meeting the following conditions:

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