What is KUIK?

KUIK is a person-to-person (bank account-to-bank account) money transfer service. By entering just a mobile phone number, you can send and/or receive money through KUIK, instantaneously, safely and easily.

How do i get KUIK?

You can download the KUIK app from your App Store or Playstore and enroll in KUIK at the bank (Raiffeisen Bank) or online, input requested data which will allow your mobile phone to be linked to your bank account, and you will be able to send and receive money through KUIK.

What if my bank doesn’t offer KUIK?

We are making our best efforts to include as many banks as possible in KUIK. Currently, you can enroll in KUIK if you have a bank account with Raiffeisen Bank.

Does KUIK cost anything?

KUIK is totally free. There are no enrolment fees, usage fees, monthly fees or commissions for both incoming and outgoing transfers.

How long does it take to send/receive money using KUIK?

KUIK transfers are performed instantly. Funds are sent/received in real time and become readily available at the beneficiary’s bank account.

In which banks can i get KUIK?

You can get KUIK at Raiffeisen Bank, with other banks coming soon.

Can i link KUIK to my foreign currency bank account?

No, KUIK can be linked only with current bank accounts in Albanian Lek.

Can i register with more than one mobile phone number?

You can link only one mobile phone number with one bank account.

I have a foreign mobile phone number, can i enroll in KUIK?

No, KUIK is available only for mobile phone numbers belonging to Albanian mobile network operators.

How do i enroll online in KUIK

You can enroll in KUIK online as a limited user by downloading the KUIK app and following these steps:

  • Select “Sign up now”;
  • Insert the information requested. Your information must match exactly the information registered at your bank;
  • Accept the General Terms and Conditions of KUIK;
  • Insert the OTP (one time password) received by SMS. The validity of the OTP is 2 (two) minutes;
  • Create your personalized PIN;
  • Confirm your personalized PIN.

Once these steps are completed, you will become a KUIK user with limited rights. If you have more than one bank account within the same bank, the bank will choose one of your accounts as a default one to be linked to KUIK. Limited users, as the name indicates, will be subject to restricted use of the service. Once those limits are reached, the limited user will no longer be able to send, but only receive funds. The limited user will need to go to the bank to register as a full rights user to be able to send funds again.

I don’t have a bank account, can I still enroll in KUIK?

You need to have a bank account in Lek in order to enroll for and use KUIK.

Who can I send money to through KUIK?

You can send money to anyone who is a KUIK user. You can receive money from anyone who is a KUIK user.

How do I know if a contact uses KUIK?

All of your contacts who are KUIK users will appear in your KUIK contact list. You will be notified whenever one of your registered contacts becomes a KUIK user.

Is there a limit to how much money I can transfer?

The minimum amount you can send through KUIK is 10 Lek.

As a full rights user, you can transfer up to 15.000 (fifteen thousand) ALL, on a daily basis. Once this limit is reached, you cannot make further transfers for that day. This limit will be reset every day at 00:00.

As a limited user, you can transfer up to 5.000 (five thousand) ALL and/or 3 (three) transfers not exceeding such amount during your use of KUIK in the limited category. Once any of the above limits is reached, you can continue to receive funds through KUIK. In order to upgrade to a full-rights user having higher transfer limits, please go to the bank.

Can I cancel a transfer?

Once you have hit “Send amount”, you cannot cancel the transfer. KUIK transfers are irreversible, the transferred money is sent directly to your beneficiary’s bank account and cannot be canceled.

Someone sent me money through KUIK, how do I receive it?

The money you received through KUIK is readily available in the bank account you have linked to KUIK. You will be notified whenever you receive money through KUIK.

Will the person I send money to be notified?

Yes, he/she will receive a notification from the KUIK app and an email. The notification will contain the received amount and the sender’s number/name (the name under which you have registered this mobile phone number in your contact list).

How do I change the bank account I use to send and receive money through KUIK?

You must go to the bank and ask to change the bank account linked to KUIK.

How do I change my mobile phone number linked with KUIK?

You must go to the bank and ask to change your mobile number linked to KUIK.

Can I use KUIK when I’m abroad?

In order to use KUIK, you need to hold an account with an Albanian bank which offers KUIK. You can use KUIK abroad subject to internet connection and/or mobile phone operators’ network coverage.  Beware that additional costs for traffic data may apply when abroad, or your mobile network operator may not have network coverage, affecting your possibility to receive SMSs.

I’m facing problems with the KUIK app, what should I do?

You can perform the following actions:

  • double check you have the latest version of the KUIK app, and make sure you’ve allowed the app to access mobile data;
  • quit the app and restart it again;
  • restart your device.

Why am I not getting any notifications?

If you are not getting email notifications, please make sure to check your spam and contact the bank to make sure the email you have entered during KUIK enrolment is correct.

If you are not getting application notifications, please make sure you have enabled the applications notifications on your device settings.

I’ve forgotten my PIN, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it through the KUIK app or at the bank.

Why does the KUIK app request access to my mobile phone contacts?

The KUIK app needs your mobile phone contacts to access your contact list for the purposes of informing you which of your contacts are KUIK users with whom you can send and receive funds.

My KUIK account is blocked, how do I unblock it?

You must go to the bank to unblock KUIK.

Is my information secure?

KUIK uses authentication and security features to make your use of KUIK and transfers secure. You are prompted to enter your PIN to authenticate every transfer you initiate as well as when you perform a balance check. In specific scenarios, you will be prompted to enter the OTP (one time password) to confirm your identity.

Can I connect more than one bank account to my KUIK account?

You can only connect your KUIK account to one bank account per bank.

How do I unsubscribe from KUIK?

You can unsubscribe from KUIK the same way you enrolled in it.

  • As a full rights user, you can unsubscribe for KUIK by going to the bank.
  • As a limited user, you can unsubscribe for KUIK from the KUIK app.

I uninstalled the KUIK app, is my KUIK account terminated?

No. Uninstalling the KUIK app does not automatically terminate your KUIK account. Your transaction data is not lost and you will be able to recover all your information upon reinstalling the KUIK app.

I have a new device, how do I continue using KUIK?

If you are using your new device with your existing mobile number, simply download and activate the KUIK app in your new device.

How do I activate KUIK, when changing devices?

KUIK can be used only from one device at a same time. In order to use KUIK from another device, you must re-activate the KUIK app in the new device, by taking the following steps:

  • Select “Sign in”;
  • Select the mobile network operator your mobile number belongs to;
  • Insert your mobile number;
  • Insert your PIN;
  • Insert the OTP (one time password) you received by SMS. The validity of the OTP is 2 (two) minutes. If you insert the incorrect OTP 5 (five) consecutive times, your KUIK account will be blocked. Before you can repeat the activation procedure, you must visit the bank to unblock your KUIK account and receive a new activation code.

How can I keep my KUIK account safe?

You must keep PIN, OTP, activation code, device and/or mobile number safe at all times and not provide them to third parties.

How is my personal information handled?

Please, read our the KUIK General Terms and Conditions here.

What should I do if I’ve lost my device?

You must contact your bank.