How to get started

KUIK is finally here. For you it means no longer needing to carry cash, or waiting to be paid back. With KUIK you can send and receive money instantly….and it’s FREE. Money is sent to and received from people you know through the KUIK app, and most importantly through your bank. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get that money back KUIK-ly


  1. If you are a client of Raiffeisen Bank, download KUIK
  2. Tap Sign Up Now!
  3. Enter your data & confirm


  1. Go to your nearest Raiffeisen Bank branch
  2. Download KUIK
  3. Follow the instructions of your bank officer

How KUIK works

  1. Insert Amount
  2. Select the lucky contact who will receive money
  3. Anything to say? Say it here
  4. Insert your PIN or Fingerprint

Why should I use KUIK?

Did one of your friends pay for your beer at the pub? Did you pay for their lunch? You want to settle, right? With KUIK you can send and receive money in the blink of an eye. Not only is the confirmation received instantly, it is made readily available in your bank account to use. KUIK is more than a payment app, it’s a social experience.

Sending money made easy

Your KUIK account is created at the bank and it connects your mobile number to your bank account, which is how we get to know you and your friends. This in turn allows us to offer you a very easy-to-use service in making payments, requiring you to input only the amount and select the beneficiary.

KUIK is secure

Your data is stored safely and none of your financial data is disclosed during the performance of a transaction. Transactions are made between bank accounts – did we mention instantly – they are traceable in every step and quality guaranteed. You are informed of all events and once funds have reached your account, they are immediately accessible and useable.

Download KUIK

Available on Google Play App Store